Gandikota Getaway: Two Friends, One Bike, Countless Memories


As the first light of dawn painted the Bangalore sky in hues of gold, my friend Abhilash and I geared up for an unforgettable adventure. December 30, 2022, marked the commencement of a road trip that promised more than just miles on the asphalt – it was a journey filled with camaraderie, exploration, and the thrill of the unknown. Our destination: the mesmerizing Gandikota, a place famed for its breathtaking canyon and historic fort. With the rumble of Abhilash’s bike beneath us, the open road awaited, promising stories and memories that would linger long after the tires had come to a rest. Join us as we recount the escapade that unfolded on the wheels of wanderlust, from the bustling streets of Bangalore to the enchanting landscapes of Gandikota.


The crack of dawn on December 30, 2022, found Abhilash and me embarking on a thrilling road trip, mounted on the powerful Apache 160. The early morning air in Bangalore cradled a perfect blend of anticipation and excitement, heightened by the city’s surprisingly pleasant December weather. As we weaved through the streets, even within Bangalore, pockets of fog draped the surroundings, especially along the airport road. Empty spaces transformed into ethereal landscapes, casting an enchanting spectacle as the sun began its ascent.


The road disappearing into a mysterious mist, the first light of day playing hide-and-seek with the fog, creating a scene that words struggle to capture adequately. To truly immerse yourself in our journey’s ambiance, I invite you to watch our “WAY TO GANDIKOTA | The Grand Canyon Trip” video; it’s a visual journey that mirrors the awe we experienced.

Our expedition kicked off from the heart of Bangalore, and just before reaching the Kia factory in Penukonda, we opted for a short route that promised a unique adventure. However, the initial stretch posed its set of challenges – a narrow, single-lane road tested both our patience and biking skills. The slow progress prompted us to take several breaks, providing an unintended but welcome opportunity to soak in the surroundings.


In the face of the road’s demands, we stumbled upon an unexpected gem, an undeniably breathtaking location that served as a timely energy boost. The journey wasn’t just about reaching the destination; it unfolded as a series of discoveries, each turn unearthing hidden marvels that made the challenges worthwhile.

Sri Siddalingeshwara Swamy Temple

For fellow travelers planning a Gandikota escapade, I wholeheartedly recommend considering this route. Yes, it may present hurdles, but the rewards, both in scenic delights and newfound energy, make the detour more than worthwhile. Buckle up for the unexpected, and let the journey unfold its surprises.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over Gandikota, we arrived just in time to witness the canvas of nature unfold before us. The first glimpse of Gandikota left us in awe, a breathtaking spectacle that words struggle to encapsulate. The sheer beauty of this hidden gem revealed itself in the soft hues of dusk, and in that moment, we were captivated by the magnificence of Gandikota – a place where every sunset paints a masterpiece on the canvas of ancient rocks.

Upon arriving at Gandikota just before sunset, our excitement was met with an unexpected hurdle. Our primary goal was to find an ideal spot to pitch our tent and embrace the beauty of Gandikota. However, after observing a potential location and consulting with locals, we received the disheartening news that camping wasn’t allowed due to New Year’s restrictions.

Undeterred, armed with our own tent and a promising view of the Canyon, we eagerly waited for nightfall to set up camp. However, at around 7 PM, our plans took an unexpected turn. A police car arrived, delivering a warning that camping was prohibited in our chosen spot.

Caught off guard, we patiently waited for the officers to leave. Once they departed, we found ourselves at a crossroads, debating whether to take the risk. Eventually, we decided to go ahead and set up our tent, but a sense of unease lingered.

A Daring Turn

In an attempt to lift our spirits, I took on an adventurous task – searching for small wood sticks to start a fire. The flickering flames not only provided warmth but also became a beacon that attracted fellow enthusiasts to our impromptu campsite. As the fire burned, the atmosphere transformed, and our spirits soared.

A Night To Remember

Despite the initial setbacks, our night unfolded into an unexpected adventure. The small fire drew in more strangers, and under the vast expanse of stars, we found ourselves sharing stories and laughter until the early hours of the morning. Sleep eventually claimed us at 2 AM, marking the beginning of an unforgettable night under the Gandikota sky. For a more immersive experience, don’t miss our “CAMPING IN GANDIKOTA” video.


Early in the morning, driven by the anticipation of a magical sunrise, I roused myself from slumber. Embarking on a short trek, I aimed to position myself perfectly to behold the captivating spectacle about to unfold.

As the first rays of sunlight broke over the horizon, their warm glow painted the canyon in hues of gold and orange. The reflection of the sunrise on the granite cliffs created a breathtaking dance of light and shadow. The canyon, adorned in the morning light, showcased nature’s artistry at its finest.

The interplay between the rugged granite terrain and the sun’s radiant revelation was nothing short of spectacular. Each crevice and contour of the canyon seemed to come alive, casting a spellbinding display that etched the memory of that sunrise deep into my soul. For those seeking a moment of awe-inspiring beauty, witnessing the sunrise at Gandikota is an experience that transcends words.


Having soaked in the beauty of an incredible sunrise, our spirits were lifted, and we felt invigorated by the fresh morning air. The next item on our agenda was a thrilling boat ride on the Pennar River. However, reaching the boating point required descending to a lower level.

Opting for an adventurous shortcut, we embarked on a trek that defied conventional paths. Descending straight down, we eschewed marked routes, embracing a more spontaneous approach akin to “नाक की सीध में जाना” (going straight for the nose).

This unconventional trek not only provided a shortcut but also unfolded a panorama of adventure. Each step revealed new perspectives, unexpected sights, and a sense of exploration that added an extra layer of excitement to our journey. As we descended, the anticipation of the boating adventure heightened, making the trek an unforgettable part of our Gandikota expedition.


  1. Plan Ahead: Research and plan your itinerary in advance. Identify key spots you want to visit in Gandikota, and be aware of any restrictions or special events.
  2. Weather Check: Gandikota’s climate can vary. Check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you pack accordingly, especially if you plan on camping.
  3. Road Conditions: If you’re driving, be prepared for diverse road conditions. Some routes may be challenging, so ensure your vehicle is in good condition.
  4. Camping Regulations: Confirm the current regulations regarding camping. Restrictions may vary, so it’s essential to be aware of the latest policies.
  5. Sunrise and Sunset: Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset at Gandikota; they are truly mesmerizing. Plan your activities around these times for an unforgettable experience.
  6. Boating Adventures: If you plan on enjoying a boat ride on the Pennar River, check the availability, timings, and safety guidelines in advance.
  7. Trekking Gear: If you intend to explore on foot, wear comfortable trekking shoes and carry essentials like water, a hat, and sunscreen.
  8. Photography Essentials: Gandikota offers stunning landscapes. Bring your camera or smartphone and capture the breathtaking views, but also take some time to soak in the scenery without the lens.
  9. Local Interactions: Engage with locals; they might offer valuable insights and hidden gems that aren’t in guidebooks.
  10. Respect Nature: Gandikota is a natural treasure. Practice responsible tourism by avoiding littering and respecting the environment. Leave no trace behind.
  11. Emergency Preparedness: Carry a basic first aid kit and have emergency contact numbers handy. Familiarize yourself with the nearest medical facilities.
  12. Connectivity: Mobile network coverage may vary. Inform someone about your itinerary and whereabouts, especially if you’re venturing into less-explored areas.
  13. Check Online Resources: Keep an eye on online forums and travel websites for the latest updates and tips from fellow travelers who have recently visited Gandikota.

Remember, flexibility is key, and sometimes the best experiences are the ones you didn’t plan for. Enjoy your Gandikota adventure!

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