Shivagange Hills, Bangalore

Shivagange hill is precisely 8 Kms from Dabas Pet and approx 45 kms away from Bangalore, on national highway 4 connecting Bangalore and Tumkur. The climb to the hill is pretty steep.

Religion and adventure co-existing together, that is Shivagange. The mountain peak provides a huge adrenalin rush to the adventure seekers. The mountain is ideal for rock climbing. The man-made steps to the temple make the journey to the top quite easier. The ascent is quite tiring around 800 m then the climbing is quite easier as safety rails are provided in the steep areas. Monkeys are found in most of the places here. The panoramic view from the top, near the Nandi statue, is spellbound and truly enchanting. The fresh blow of the wind and the scenic beauty of the villages beneath is quite enticing.

Shivagange also goes by the name Dakshina Kashi due to the presence of many temples that adds to the divinity of the location. Temples located here include Patalagange, Sri Honnadevi Temple, Nandi Statue, Olakal Teertha, and Gangadhareshwara temple.

The water at the temple is considered to be as holy as the river of the Ganges. There is a statue of Nandi situated in the temple. Due to the beautiful location and faith of people in it, a large number of devotees come here every year.

Interesting Point

An interesting miracle here is that when the Shivling is anointed with ghee, the ghee turns into butter. Devotees can watch the miracle live during the consecration. It is said that the ghee which turns into butter has medicinal powers and can cure many diseases. According to legend, a secret tunnel exists that extends from the sanctum sanctorum (Garba Griha) of this temple.

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

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