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Panna famous for the name ‘The City of Diamonds’ is situated between the picturesque mountain ranges of Vindhyanchal, the northeast part of Madhya Pradesh. The current form of the Panna district is in combination with Panna and Ajaygarh State, Charkhari, Bijawar, Chhatarpur, and United Provinces.

Originally a Gond settlement up to the 13th century, Panna was made the capital by Raja Chhatrasal Bundela. Prior to April 1949, this district was part of Vindhya Pradesh, which was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 1956.

The name of Panna district is named after the Padmavati Devi Ji temple near Panna District Headquarters. Panna is also known as the town of Maharaja Chhatrasal.

Panna has diamond mines, as well as famous for its ancient and beautiful temples. For this reason, it is also called the ‘City of Temples’. The temple of Shri Prannath Ji and Shri Baldev Ji located here are famous among the pilgrims. Panna also has a National Park where Panna Tiger Reserve and much rare wildlife are found.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Near Panna

Shri Jugal Kishore Ji Temple

Shri Jugal Kishore Ji Temple was built by Raja Hindupat Singh, the fourth Bundela King of Panna, during his reign from 1758 to 1778. According to the legends, the idol placed in the garbha griha of this temple has been brought from Brindavana through Orcha. The ornaments and attire of the lord reflect the Bundelkhand style. The temple has all the architectural features of Bundela temples including a nat mandapa, bhog mandapa, and a pradakshna path.
Mandir Timing Daily:
Morning 5 AM, Morning 7 AM, Afternoon 12 PM and Evening 7 PM

Shri Baldev Ji Temple

Shri Baldevji Temple has been inspired by Roman architecture and has a gothic feel to it. The temple consists of a large hall called Maha Mandapa with massive pillars and is built on a raised platform so that one may obtain darshan even from outside the main gate.

The attractive image of Shri Baldevji is constructed in black shaligrami stone. Baldevji temple is one of the finest structures in the area and represents the heights that Panna architecture has reached.

Temple Timing Daily:

Morning 5:30 AM, Morning 7:30 AM and Evening 7:00 PM

Shri Prannath Ji Temple

Mahamati Prannathji temple is an important pilgrimage of Pranamis and attracts a number of devotees during Sharada Purnima. It is believed that Mahamati Prannathji lived at the site for 11 years after which he took samadhi inside one of the domes of this temple. The temple was built in 1692 and has Muslim and Hindu architectural styles in its domes and lotus formations. The temple is divided into six parts namely Shri Gummatji, Shri Bangalaji, Shri Sadguru Mandir, Shri Baijurajji Mandir, Shri Chopada Mandir, and Shri Khijada Mandir.

The prime attraction of this pilgrimage site is Shri Gummatji, which is a circular building with nine marble domes. . Eight of these domes represent the eight directions and the central dome has a divine golden Kalasha on which a hand Paw is situated which represents 5 powers of Mahamati. Apart from this, Kamani Darwaza is a famous temple gate, which is constructed using silver metal.

Brihaspati Kund

Brihaspati Kund(बृहस्पति कुण्ड) is a natural crater located in the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, Bundelkhand. It is a popular tourist spot among locals. The distance from Panna is 25 km and the distance from Kalinjar Fort is 18 km southwards.



How to Reach

By Air

Panna is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport at a distance of 40kms.

By Road

Panna is located on National Highway 39 which starts from Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh) and ends to Ranchi (Chhattisgarh). From panna, regular bus service is available for Bhopal , Indore & Delhi and it is well connected to other major cities.

By Rail

Panna does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is Khajuraho railway station which is 40kms away. The nearest major railway junction is Satna Railway Junction which is 75kms away. 

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